World Alzheimer Reports

Design, Dignity, Dementia: dementia-related design and the built environment - World Alzheimer Report 2020

The World Alzheimer Report 2020 will look at design progress to date, best practice, pioneers and innovators across multiple environments including in home/domestic settings, day and residential care, hospitals and public buildings and spaces..

Attitudes to dementia - World Alzheimer Report 2019

The World Alzheimer Report 2019 analyses the results of a global survey on attitudes to dementia, supplemented by 40 expert essays and case studies.

The state of the art of dementia research - World Alzheimer Report 2018

In a journalistic style, the World Alzheimer Report 2018 looks at a broad cross section of research areas including basic science; diagnosis; drug discovery; risk reduction and epidemiology. With the continued absence of a disease modifying treatment, the report also features progress, innovation and developments in care research.

Improving healthcare - World Alzheimer Report 2016

The World Alzheimer Report 2016 looks at ways of improving the coverage, as well as the quality, of healthcare for people living with dementia, and the costs associated.

The global impact of dementia - World Alzheimer Report 2015

The World Alzheimer Report 2015 updates ADI's data on dementia's global prevalence, incidence and cost. By carrying out a full update of previous systematic reviews, the report makes key recommendations to provide a global framework for action on dementia.

Risk reduction - World Alzheimer Report 2014

The World Alzheimer Report 2014 examines critically the evidence for the existence of modifiable risk factors for dementia. It focuses on potential modifiable risk factors in four key domains: developmental, psychological and psychosocial, lifestyle and cardiovascular conditions. The report makes recommendations to drive public health campaigns and disease prevention strategies.

Long-term care - World Alzheimer Report 2013

The World Alzheimer Report 2013 is themed around long-term care. The report provides information about this important issue, aiding all stakeholders in the long journey of dementia care. The report includes information on the cost and effectiveness of care and makes important recommendations which should be the fundamental drivers of long-term care policy in dementia.

Overcoming stigma - World Alzheimer Report 2012

The World Alzheimer Report 2012 shares results from an international survey of people with dementia and carers on their personal experiences of stigma. The report provides information on stigma and dementia, highlights programmes from around the world, and makes recommendations which could help reduce stigma.

Early diagnosis and intervention - World Alzheimer Report 2011

The World Alzheimer Report 2011 shows that there are interventions that are effective in the early stages of dementia, some of which may be more effective when started earlier, and that there is a strong economic argument in favour of earlier diagnosis and timely intervention.

Economic impact - World Alzheimer Report 2010

The World Alzheimer Report 2010 provides the clearest, most comprehensive global picture yet of the economic impact of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The report includes an estimate of the worldwide cost of dementia, including direct medical costs, direct non-medical costs and costs of informal (family) care. The estimates are broken down by world region and include analysis of the differences between low and high income countries. The report also contains important policy recommendations and makes clear to key decision-makers that doing nothing is not an option.

Prevalence and overview - World Alzheimer Report 2009

The World Alzheimer Report 2009 presents a comprehensive global prevalence study of dementia and looks at levels of mortality, disability, strain on carers and dependency. The report offers examples of good national dementia plans and information on health service responses and includes recommendations that provide a global framework for action on dementia.

The report also includes an overview of what dementia is - the pathology, clinical features, course and management of dementia.