World Alzheimer Report 2020: Design, Dignity, Dementia: dementia-related design and the built environment

21 September 2020 – Today, on World Alzheimer’s Day, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) launches the world’s most comprehensive report on dementia-related design and the built environment. [read more]

China adopts a national dementia plan

11 September 2020 – A national dementia plan for China has been officially launched as a part of China’s Action Plan for Healthy China 2030. The national plan is the 34th plan to be adopted globally. [read more]

Covid-19 deaths disproportionately affecting people with dementia, targeted response urgently needed

1 September 2020 – At the beginning of World Alzheimer's Month ADI highlights evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic is leading to extremely high death rates amongst people with dementia globally. [read more]

The Lancet launches important new guidance on dementia risk reduction

30 July 2020 – The Lancet launches new guidance which reveals that an extended set of 12 modifiable risk factors might prevent or delay up to 40 per cent of dementia cases globally. [read more]

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