Nutrition and dementia

The 'Nutrition and dementia' report investigates how the right nutrition can help make life better for people affected by dementia.

The report reviews dietary factors across the life course that might increase or decrease the risk of onset of dementia in later life. It also details what actions could be taken to improve the nutrition of people with dementia, through diet and external factors such as modifying the mealtime environment and supporting and training carers.

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), supported by a grant from Compass Group, commissioned researchers Prof Martin Prince, Prof Emiliano Albanese, Dr Maëlenn Guerchet and Dr Matthew Prina from the Global Observatory for Ageing and Dementia Care at King’s College London to produce the report.

ADI believes that a focus on diet, nutrition and wellbeing is an important aspect of supporting people affected by dementia.


An introductory document published in April 2013 introduced a number of areas of research on the relevance of nutritional factors to primary and secondary prevention of dementia, undernutrition in dementia and interventions to improve the nutrition of people with dementia.