Elected Board


Alzheimer's Disease International has a council made up of representatives from each full member association. The council meets once a year during our annual international conference.

The council elects a board of people from around the world, led by our chairman, Glenn Rees. Our president is Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, who cared for her mother Rita Hayworth. A full list of our elected board members and honorary vice presidents is below.

ADI also has a medical and scientific advisory panel (known as MSAP), whose role is to provide expert advice when necessary, and also to act as international ambassadors for ADI. More details and a list of MSAP members are available.

[photo of Princess Yasmin Aga Khan]
Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

[photo of Glenn Rees]
Glenn Rees

Elected board

  • Mr Glenn Rees, Australia, Chair
  • Mr Dale Goldhawk, Canada, Vice Chair and Chair Elect
  • Mr John Grosvenor, UK, Treasurer
  • Dr Alireza Atri, USA, Chair of MSAP
  • Mr Paul Attea, USA
  • Ms Faraneh Farin, Iran
  • Dr Paola Maeso, Uruguay
  • Ms Birgitta Martensson, Switzerland
  • Ms Meera Pattabiraman, India
  • Ms Kate Swaffer, Australia
  • Dr Huali Wang, P.R. China

President and honorary vice presidents

  • Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, USA, President
  • Mr Brian Moss, Australia
  • Dr Nori Graham, UK
  • Prof Henry Brodaty, Australia
  • Dr Daisy Acosta, Dominican Republic
  • Mrs Wendy Fleming, New Zealand

Global ambassadors

    Queen Sofía of Spain

Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera,
Former President of Costa Rica

Queen Silvia of Sweden



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