The Alzheimer University

Helping Alzheimer associations to help themselves

The Alzheimer University is a series of workshops for national Alzheimer association staff and volunteers to help them strengthen their associations. The aim of the Alzheimer University is to give participants the tools to identify their association's aims, provide information, raise money and awareness, effectively govern their association and influence public policy. Since 1998, over 40 Alzheimer Universities have been held with participants from around the world.

An annual programme for emerging associations sees representatives from new and developing associations meeting to learn and discuss the best ways to establish their association. Sessions include running support groups, recruiting volunteers, setting up a governance structure and raising profile and awareness. These workshops are often led by representatives of developed Alzheimer associations.

Various Alzheimer University programmes also take place each year for member associations of various sizes and stages of development. These programmes deal with more advanced organisational issues and have a particular focus on one area, for example fundraising or advocacy.

Participants are asked to set objectives at the end of the programme and the associations are followed up on their progress after six and twelve months.

ADI financially supports invited participants to attend the Alzheimer University programmes and provides ongoing support after the course. Up until 2014, representatives from Alzheimer associations in over 100 countries had taken part in an Alzheimer University programme.

"It made me realise that there is nothing more motivating than having clearly stated direction and measurable goals." Nilanjana Maulik, India

"If you have a chance to attend the Alzheimer University, don't hesitate!" Birgitta Martensson, Switzerland

"This training course was an eye opening experience to me and I will start my first steps in establishing the JAA with confidence and on solid bases." Eman al-Khateeb, Jordan

"It was heartening that the tips and advice that we gave were taken on board, with a real commitment to implement change." Andrew Oldham, Alzheimer University trainer, UK

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