Alzheimer associations worldwide organise a variety of activities during World Alzheimer's Month - find one on our World Alzheimer's Month campaign website.

If you would like to organise your own event there are many ways to observe World Alzheimer’s Month – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Host your own event!

Many national Alzheimer associations have been hosting World Alzheimer’s Day events for a number of years. Below are just some examples of their previous activities to provide some inspiration.

  1. Alzheimer Cafe BelgiumAlzheimer Café is a concept developed in the Netherlands and involves people with dementia and their carers meeting for social support followed by an informal gathering. Tea and coffee are provided. The support section of the meeting is led by a professional and involves a thematic talk on an emotional issue concerned with having and learning to live with dementia. There is also an opportunity for people to ask questions. Alzheimer Cafés have been very successful in the Netherlands and now take place in a number of other countries.
  2. Stage an event that brings to life the number of people in your area who have dementia, such as a photo exhibition or candlelight ceremony.
  3. Include information about dementia and World Alzheimer’s Month in community or office newsletters or on noticeboards.
  4. Sri Lanka Memory WalkArrange for a representative from your national Alzheimer association to visit your school, office, church, etc. to provide information about dementia.
  5. Encourage your staff to wear a certain colour or dress in a certain way on 21 September, World Alzheimer’s Day.
  6. Organise a Memory Walk in your community. Many associations around the world have now adopted this concept from the Alzheimer’s Association (USA). In the USA this annual series of walks is now known as Walk to End Alzheimer’s.
  7. Host a social, entertainment or sports event to raise funds for your national Alzheimer association.