World Alzheimer's Day events 2010

Dementia. It's time for action!

The theme for World Alzheimer's Day™ 2010 was 'Dementia. It's time for action'. Alzheimer associations across the globe united to recognise World Alzheimer's Day in many ways.


The A.L.M.A. Awards took place with prizes going to those professionals , businesses, public institutions, laboratories and others collaborating with the association on improving the lives of people with dementia. Others activities included a documentary screening and roundtable discussion, symposium for the general public, a film screening and various presentations.


The Alzheimer's Disease Armenian Association hosted a conference and coordinated a Memory Walk.





A national Dementia Awareness Week Publications Launch was held in Sydney, where specialists in the dementia field joined the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, for the launch of three new reports. Other events included seminars, Memory Walk, street banner campaign, tea dance, art day, public forum, information sessions, badge day and memories café.



The Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh held a press conference and coordinated a poster and leaflet campaign, which ran across the country and saw information being distributed to members of the public. A public meeting was held and attended by 2000 guests. Other events included a discussion meeting and seminar.


Barbados Alzheimer's Association hosted a well-attended church service and office open day. A very successful photo exhibition also took place as well as a public health fair, panel discussion and seminar with the government.


La Ligue Alzheimer ASBL held its annual conference, which included oral presentations on issues such as the diagnosis of dementia and advice on helping carers. A lively roundtable discussion also took place at the event under the theme 'Who does what for Alzheimer's?'



Foundation Compassion Alzheimer Bulgaria hosted a well-attended press conference as part of their strong media campaign and took part in a number of meetings with doctors and elderly people. They visited day care centres to discuss the possibility of running a common training programme for social assistance. The Foundation also widely disseminated leaflets and posters among doctors, medical centres, day centres, agencies for social assistance, pensions clubs and hospitals in many big cities.


The Alzheimer Society of Canada hosted their 15th annual Coffee Break®, their largest national fundraiser, which saw communities gathering across the country to make a donation and enjoy a cup of coffee.

PR China

Alzheimer's Disease Chinese hosted a meeting involving addresses from the Ministry of Health and China National Committee on Ageing among others. During this event the Third Annual Campaign, 'Caring for the Elderly' took place and saw eight primary family carers presented with an award for excellence in caring for the elderly in their home.


Dominican Republic

A street awareness campaign took place with a high volume of materials and information being distributed by Asociacion Dominicana de Alzheimer.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Local and regional memory walks across the country.


Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft took part in a press conference run by the country's ministry of senior citizens and a Ministry of Health conference. Materials and information were distributed widely at both events and in 5,000 pharmacies across the country. For more information about events that took place across the country visit


Events run by the Greek Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders included an awareness week where information was provided from stands in public places, a press conference, a workshop, a dinner event, a day course, various presentations and a Memory Walk. The association also received national and local television and radio advertising coverage throughout September.


Asociación Hondureña de Alzheimer hosted a conference attended by family carers, university professors, students, medical professionals, government officials and the general public. Representatives from the association also appeared on television talk shows and in many national newspapers. Other activities included a health fair and a public information stand.

Hong Kong SAR China

Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association hosted a number of events for their 15th anniversary to coincide with their World Alzheimer's Day activities. A commemorative art activity took place, which saw 50 people with dementia and their carers, assisted by young art school students, painting pictures on the theme of a flower that denoted 'Forget the sadness'. Prizes were awarded for the best pictures. A press conference for the launch of the World Alzheimer Report 2010 was also held a fundraising charity concert took place.


The Hungarian Alzheimer's Society hosted a National Alzheimer Conference and press conference on World Alzheimer's Day. The aim of the press conference was to draw attention to the Society's 'Live Chain' event entitled 'Memory Bridge', which took place on Chain Bridge in Budapest. The Society marked the closing of their events with a Holy Mass to commemorate the anniversary of Hungarian sportsman, Ferenc Puskas', death alongside a Memorial Concert for those living with dementia in Hungary.


Launch of the Dementia India report in New Delhi. The report details the current dementia crisis being faced in India and encourages the government to make dementia a national health priority. Other events across the country include seminars, education classes, Memory Walk and street plays.


Iran Alzheimer Association organised a variety of events and activities, including a concert, seminar, futsal tournament, talks for health professionals, distribution of information packs about dementia, the opening of a new day care centre, memory tests and raising awareness in schools.


Posters and questionnaires were distributed and 3,565 questionnaires were returned to Alzheimer's Association Japan as a result of this. Other events hosted by the association included lecture meetings and public advocacy activities.

New Zealand

A strong media outreach campaign was implemented and included a well-known actress performing on a popular television programme. Alzheimers New Zealand also launched a web campaign, promoting the contact details of their members within the country. A host of other events were organised locally across the country.


Fundación Alzheimer de Nicaragua hosted a symposium with the participation of national decision makers, people with dementia and their families and carers.


Alzheimer's Pakistan hosted a very successful awareness-raising dinner, while the association's Rawalpindi Chapter also held a well-attended awareness walk and workshop for doctors, paramedics, carers and university students.


The Alzheimer's Disease Association of the Philippines ran a number of events, including a post-graduate course on Alzheimer's disease, Memory Walk, public forum, launch of a pilot community-based dementia care programme and training for health workers.


Free Mini Mental State Examinations were offered in 12 pharmacies in Budapest and information about dementia was distributed. The Romanian Alzheimer Society also held a press conference and, for people with dementia and their carers, an orchestral event.


World Alzheimer's Day Public Forums were held throughout September and October, conducted in English, Mandarin and Malay. A Memory Roadshow took place with 5000 participants and various exhibitions took place. An educational video was produced by the country's Health Promotion Board and launched at an event attended by Singapore's Minister of Health.

South Africa

Alzheimer's South Africa and its branches held an array of events across the country, including talks, exhibitions, plays, seminars, walks, displays, workshops, information sessions and an award ceremony for volunteers. Strong media coverage was received both nationally and locally.


Sri Lanka

The Lanka Alzheimer's Foundation organised a public lecture, presentations in schools, Rotary clubs and to other interested groups. They also hosted a public lecture and sold over 40,000 raffle tickets. A sell-out World Alzheimer's Day concert offered performances by people with dementia and carers and a Memory Walk took place in Colombo.



Two events were hosted by Alzheimerforeningen i Sverige. In Örebro those in attendance were informed of the latest developments in the dementia field and were entertained by live performances. In Helsingborg specialists in the dementia field were joined by a well-known actor. The events drew almost 1000 attendants in total.



Award ceremonies were hosted by eighteen of Association Alzheimer Suisse's local chapters across the country and Focus prizes were distributed in recognition of individuals who had improved the quality of life of people with dementia and carers. A study into the cost of dementia in Switzerland was also published.

Trinidad and Tobago

Television and radio interviews were conducted throughout the day and a launch event for the World Alzheimer Report followed in the evening.


Association Alzheimer Tunisie celebrated the official opening of their Alzheimer's centre and participated in the Arabic elderly day. The association also organised an Alzheimer's health caravan and public conference with the Ministers of Health and Family in attendance.


Asociación Uruguaya de Alzheimer y Similares held a running challenge and Walk of Remembrance for World Alzheimer's Day. The association also distributed information from a public stand.


Memory walks across the country and arrival of the Alzheimer's Breakthrough Ride at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. after more than 110,000 signatures were collected to encourage Congress to make dementia a national health priority.


Fundacion Alzheimer de Venezuela hosted a variety of events and activities, including a World Alzheimer's Day conference, a theoretical and practical workshop for psychology students, a range of public talks aimed at all ages and the association's seventh Memory Walk.



The Zimbabwe Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association held a Memory Walk with over 80 participants of all ages. An information stand was put up outside a leading supermarket, offering information to the general public and the association conducted talks for senior students and meetings and contact with key decision makers in the country.