World Alzheimer's Day events 2008

No time to lose!

The following report is a selection of the ways on which Alzheimer associations around the world united to recognise World Alzheimer's Day™ 2008.


The association were invited to be part of the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires City information stand at Expo-Medical. An event was organised to bring families, carers and professionals together. Printed brochures, notebooks, calendars, and their own Spanish translation of the Global Charter were distributed and promoted.


A campaign was launched by Professor Alistair Burns and a new paper by Dr Maree Farrow was released: 'Dementia and Risk Reduction: What do Australians know?' The events received $1,042,686 worth of media coverage (equivalent cost of advertising space), with 605 media reports in total. A number of memory walks took place across the country. An open day, symposium and memory vans were also arranged.


A national level three-day workshop on 'Elderly Care' and 'Rights for Older Persons' took place, with clinicians, carers and family members taking part. Talks included a caregiver's experience with Alzheimer's patients and 'How to Measure Depression and Memory'.


The association arranged a meeting to discuss the significance of World Alzheimer's Day at the press club in Thakurgaon. The meeting followed a rally on the streets of Thakurgaon, involving teachers, nurses, students, doctors, social workers and journalists. Videos, posters and leaflets were shown and distributed.


Over $4,000 was raised on the association's first Tag Day, which was promoted via radio. Thirty-five volunteers took part in selling the tags in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Copies of the stickers had to be produced as the volunteers ran out, although this had no effect on the amount raised.





An Informative Fair was organised with the support of the Ministry of Health and the Hospital San Juan de Dios. Medical professionals, carers and families were brought together with dancing groups. Through their activities, the association found 20 people interested in taking part in their work.



An open day was arranged to provide information and over 150 people were screened in free examinations. Translations of ADI publications were created and distributed. A press conference gained good media coverage of the day, including seven television stations.


World Alzheimer's Day events were tied in with the country's Federal Election Campaign. The association encouraged candidates to show their support for Alzheimer's and recognise it as a health priority. A positive response was received. A nationwide 13th Coffee Break™ fundraiser was launched to support services for people with Alzheimer's.


An 'Assertive Communication' workshop was set up for volunteers. In Santiago, a 'Breakfast with the Mass Media' took place to raise awareness and information was provided to the public in Metropolitan Park. A number of events took place to bring people with dementia, their families and carers, students and the authorities together. The association's publicity team distributed materials widely across the country.


Nine cities and over 15,000 people took part in exhibitions, lectures, advice centres and training classes. 20,000 publications and 300 posters were distributed. Training for doctors took place, with scientists, nurses, doctors, enterprise groups and members of the public coming together. The association and events received very strong feedback and national media coverage.


Memory walks were held in Havana and Matanzas and a national meeting involving people with dementia, carers, researchers and professionals took place. Support groups in various areas ran workshops. 'Dementia and Alzheimer Disease in the Cuban Population', showing the work of 10/66 Research Group, was presented to the public.


Events supported by and involving the Minister of Health gained coverage on national television, radio and in 16 newspapers. This successfully raised awareness with a large number of people contacting the association for information and help after the events of World Alzheimer's Day.


The Annual Grants from The Danish Alzheimer Research Fund took place with media coverage in local and national newspapers, magazines, medical literature and on the web.


Various events were arranged including seminars, discussions, theatre, music and markets with almost all regional associations taking part. The association co-organised "Hyvä Ikä" ("Good Age") fair and an event in Tampere Sports and Event Hall. Almost 100 dementia-related newspaper articles were published after the events.


The theme 'To be active for people with dementia' was adopted by the association, encouraging the public to help out in any way they could. Many activities took place across the country, including films, fundraising concerts, religious services, dance events and a symposium. An interview with a person with dementia was broadcast on the eve of World Alzheimer's Day and a press conference in Berlin was the main event organised to help raise awareness.


Neuropsychological assessments and evaluations were made available, while information and advice was distributed through public stands, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and local authorities. The main event took place at the University, where medical professionals, local authorities and representative from associations across the country heard speeches and saw traditional music performed. The occasion gained strong media coverage.


A mass at the main cathedral for people with dementia and their carers saw members of the community being brought together. A walking alert parade was organised by the association to raise awareness and the residents of three care homes were invited to take part in a lottery activity.


Hong Kong SAR China

The association organised "Creative Dementia Care, Happiness for the Family and Unison for All", an event run in co-operation with the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Activities included a funfair, an awards presentation for carers and a workshop for family physicians.


The closing event of World Alzheimer's Day in Hungary was a 'Holy Mass to Commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the Death of Ferenc Puskás (a national football legend) and Memorial Concert for the Hungarian Victims of Alzheimer's Disease'. The event was made up of musical prayers and guests of honour included Mrs Erzsébet Puskás (Ferenc's wife) and members of Hungary's 1950's ''Golden Team", who played alongside Ferenc Puskás.


The press conference and memory walks arranged by the association for World Alzheimer's Day featured on both national and local television, radio and in the national press. Workshops, seminars and memory screening camps were also arranged and a documentary supported by the World Health Organization was launched.


A "Prevention" scientific seminar was set up in partnership with Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences & the Welfare University. Posters were translated and displayed in hospitals, universities and various public places. One thousand people turned up to the World Alzheimer's Day and "Senior's Day" celebration and a special Ramadan dinner was arranged for people with dementia and their carers.


Alongside The Theatre to the Staircase, the association organised a well attended musical performance. The event was advertised on radio and in the press and received coverage on television and radio as well as reports in newspapers and on the web.


Events were arranged in 88 locations around the country, with 1,900 people attending. Volunteers distributed information from public stalls and flags, sashes and banners were used to attract attention and raise awareness.


A public forum was arranged in partnership with Novartis, featuring medical talks on Alzheimer's Disease and Nutrition for the Ageing. The forum was attended by almost 200 members of the public. Poster exhibitions and afternoon teas were held with free talks from medical professionals. Public forums also took place around the country.


A Memory Walk and other activities took place in Mexico.


To mark World Alzheimer's Day, 250 helium balloons were released into the sky and the first memory walk took place with several hundred people taking part. The association worked alongside the Ministry of Health to organise a talk programme and visited four colleges to give talks on Alzheimer's to students and teachers. The National Senior Citizen Organisation Network hosted a workshop and screened a DVD about dementia in Nepal.


The 52 regional branches of the association organised memory walks, lectures, boat trips, and special Alzheimer Cafes. A CD, 'Memories for Tomorrow', was produced and sold in parts of the country, with 50% of the proceeds going towards Alzheimer research. A campaign to end restraint in care homes for people with dementia was also launched and promoted by the association.


An Iftar dinner party was held to celebrate WAD and the end of Ramadan. Over four hundred people attended the local restaurant where banners, leaflets and brochures were displayed. To raise awareness among young people stalls were put up and lectures were given in education institutions, which helped the association to gain more volunteers.


Celebrations took place across the country with a range of activities for people with dementia and their carers. Visits to painting exhibitions, poetry readings, a bus tour and fundraising dinner were just some of the events. A workshop on 'Legal Rights of People with Dementia' was held in Ribateio where the association's staff enjoyed a lunch with carers and people with dementia.


The association organised the first Services for Elders Fair where posters were displayed and information and advice was made available. The event was covered by national television, radio and press. Information was also distributed amongst the Public Service of Social Assistance in Alba Iulia, which encouraged World Alzheimer's Day celebrations.

South Africa

Exhibitions and information days took place all around the country, including workshops with occupational therapists, talks, seminars, theatre and a Fun Day. A walk to raise awareness was also arranged as were radio interviews given by a person with dementia, a social worker and the regional director of the Eastern Cape chapter.


South Korea

The Ministry of Health and Welfare were involved in this year's celebrations, declaring 'War on Dementia'. A keynote lecture on dementia support and training for carers was followed by a screening of the Japanese film, Oriume. Over 400 people attended this event, with almost 700 taking part in the association's first ever memory walk.


Seventy people attended the 2nd CEAFA awards, which were given under the categories of information, investigation and carer. The Minister of Health and Secretary of State for Social Affairs both spoke on the subject of Alzheimer's. Two 'memory buses' travelled the country providing information and raising awareness. A public reading of the Global Charter took place and 250,000 brochures were sent to local associations to be distributed.

Sri Lanka

An information desk was set up in various locations over a three-month period to offer advice to as many people as possible. A student awareness programme was launched and over 25,000 raffle tickets were sold. A musical event, memory walk and free public lecture took place, while the building of a Dementia Services and Information Centre began in Maradana.


Four of Sweden's most famous artists performed at a three-hour gala in Stockholm to raise awareness and get the message across to the country's key decision-makers. A panel of scientists, poetry, music and readings all featured at the event, which was attended by 1600 people. The gala gained coverage in national and local media, which has helped to bring new members and contacts to the association.


The association celebrated its 20th anniversary with a number of award ceremonies in various parts of the country. Their new manifesto, "Priority Dementia" was launched and three concerts were arranged and performed in different languages with over 200 people attending each ceremony.

Chinese Taipei

Thirty public speeches, a policy forum and a volunteer training programme were among the events organised by TADA Chinese Taipei. Over 600 people took part in a dementia screening camp set up for World Alzheimer's Day. Two media conferences were held and over 269 items appeared in the media surrounding the events. More than 10,000 people and 18 organisations took part in the various activities, which also included memory walks, a photography competition, internet voting activity and seminar.

Trinidad and Tobago

To increase public awareness church services, seminars, a memory walk and television interviews were given. Information and advice sheets, written by members, were distributed to family members and paid carers.


A conference, hosted lunch and press conference were some of the events the association arranged to raise awareness and money for a day-care facility. A photo exhibition, open to the public, featured images of the elderly in nursing homes. These activities gained coverage in the national press and on television and radio.



Three hundred and fifty walks took place across the country to celebrate World Alzheimer's Day 2008. Over 12,000 people took part in the walks, which were supported by a number of national celebrities. A website for the walks was also set up to coincide with the day, encouraging visitors to the site to take part in one of the walks.


A Fundraising Match Challenge was organised and promoted nationwide by the Alzheimer's Association. Media coverage of the day included an interview with David Hyde Pierce on CBS, with mentions on two other major channels. Emails were sent from the association to each chapter offering regular updates during the day and advice on how to raise awareness. An Asian portal was added to the Associations website, providing information in Mandarin, Vietnamese and Korean. Over $90,000 was raised by the association and its nationwide chapters and more than 4 million items appeared in the media as a result of World Alzheimer's Day activities.


The Northern region of the association arranged an information day at the University of the Republic in Leap to raise awareness among the public. The distribution of information continued while a stage show took place in the square of Memories, including a piece written by Kathleen I. Potts, "Lamento de un Enfermo de Alzheimer", and the girls of the Lyceum 10 performed artistic gymnastics to "Himno del Alzheimer" (Hymn of the Alzheimer).


Posters, materials and bulletins were sent to the mass media and made available on the association's website to raise awareness. A National Conference was organised for World Alzheimer's Day as well as a memory walk, which was well attended. A symposium and caregivers workshop were also arranged to provide information to members of the public. The association also promoted the Global Charter by giving a public reading as part of their activities.


A garden tea party was organised for people with dementia, carers, family and friends. Entrance to the party was free and a lucky draw meant everyone left with a prize. A brochure was translated by the association and distributed in rural areas. A premiere of the film "Away From Her" took place with snacks, wine and cold drinks. One hundred and fifty people paid to attend the screening and the association gained new members through all of the activities of World Alzheimer's Day.