ADI Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Paola Barbarino

Paola is in charge of all aspects of ADI’s work. Collaborating with the Board, Paola implements finance and campaign strategies. Paola represents ADI at international conferences and in the NCD Alliance and takes part in WHO and UN meetings.

Policy, Communications and Publications Director and Deputy CEO – Chris Lynch

Chris is responsible for ADI's policy, communications and publications strategies alongside his position as Deputy CEO. Chris represents ADI at meetings and conferences, including at the WHO and UN.

General Manager – Michael Lefevre

Michael is in charge of all aspects of ADI's Finance and IT systems, projects, HR and governance including financial reporting, accounts and planning.

Head of Events – Jane Cziborra

Jane is responsible for the organisation of all conferences and events throughout the year, including the ADI International Conference, regional conferences and the Alzheimer University programmes in several countries.

Regional Director, Asia Pacific Regional Office DY Suharya

DY works from Indonesia, as the Regional Director of the Asia Pacific regional office, to foster collaboration among members, strengthening their capabilities and reaching out to non-member countries.

Regional Director, Americas Regional Office – Joost Martens

Joost works from El Salvador, as the Regional Director of the Americas including Caribbean, North, Central, South, Andean and Latin American countries. He is in charge of fostering collaboration among associations, strengthening their capabilities and developing new members in the region.

Communications and Policy Officer – James Smith

James manages ADI's communications portfolio, including focus on policy and planning for World Alzheimer's Month.

Communications and Administration Assistant – Annie Bliss

Annie works on ADI's communications portfolio, as well as providing administrative assistance to the ADI staff and committees.


Events and Administration Assistant – Katie Bingham

Katie supports the planning for events including the ADI conference, regional conferences and other meetings. Katie is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of the ADI office.

Publications Officer – Sarah Kerr

Sarah works part-time writing and editing ADI's publications and reports.


Policy Adviser – Mike Splaine

Mike provides public policy and campaign guidance to ADI, focusing on work with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Policy Adviser – Kate Gordon

Kate works with Mike Splaine on ADI's public policy work in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) region.

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