ADI Staff

Executive Director – Marc Wortmann

Marc is in charge of all aspects of ADI’s work. Collaborating with the Board, Marc implements finance and campaign strategies. Marc represents ADI at international conferences and in the NCD Alliance and takes part in WHO and UN meetings.

Finance and Technology Manager – Michael Lefevre

Michael is in charge of Finance and IT systems for ADI, including financial reporting, accounts and maintenance of computers and the ADI website.

Conference and Events Manager  - Jane Cziborra

Jane is repsonsible for the organisation of all conferences and events throughout the year, including the ADI International Conference, regional conferences and the Alzheimer University programmes in several countries.

Fundraising and Membership Manager – Anastasia Psoma

Anastasia manages ADI's membership programme, supporting existing member associations and working with emerging organisations. In addition, Anastasia assists with ADI's fundraising.

Conference and Events Coordinator – Saskia Dean

Saskia oversees the organisation of all conferences and events throughout the year, including the ADI International Conference and the Alzheimer University programmes. In addition, Saskia assists with organising the regional conferences.

Communications and Administration Coordinator – James Smith

James manages ADI's communications portfolio, as well as providing administrative assistance to the ADI staff and committees.

Publications Officer – Sarah Kerr

Sarah works part-time writing and editing ADI's publications and reports.

Regional Director, Asia Pacific Regional Office DY Suharya

DY works from Indonesia, as the Regional Director of the Asia Pacific regional office, to foster collaboration among members, strengthening their capabilities and reaching out to non-member countries.

Compliance Manager, Asia Pacific Regional Office – Francis Wong

Francis provides budget oversight and financial management for the regional office, as well as guiding members in the regional on the framework for building stronger Alzheimer associations and working on the Train the Trainers programme.


Policy Adviser – Mike Splaine

Mike provides public policy and campaign guidance to ADI, focusing on work with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Policy Adviser – Kate Gordon

Kate works with Mike Splaine on ADI's public policy work in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) region.

Consultant – Nicole Batsch

Nicole provides assistance and guidance on special projects for ADI. Nicole co-authored the World Alzheimer Report 2012: Overcoming the Stigma of Dementia.


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