Alzheimer's Disease International and Bupa: Shaping global dementia care

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) partnered with Bupa to campaign to ensure people with dementia can live well and that family and friends are properly supported. As part of our partnership, we developed two authoritative reports.

Report: Improving dementia care worldwide

This report has reviewed existing National Dementia Plans from around the world, and puts forward recommendations for governments on what a best practice plan should include and how it should be developed and implemented.

As prevalence of dementia and associated care costs soar, these plans will become increasingly important in keeping long-term care affordable and sustainable.

The report, ‘Improving Dementia Care Worldwide’, was written by Professor Anne Margriet Pot and Dr Ionela Petrea from the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction (Trimbos-institute).

Commenting on the report, Professor Pot said:

“None of the current Plans we reviewed serve as a ‘gold standard’ but there are certainly lessons that one government can learn from the experiences of another – to decide what would be the right content for the plan to focus on, how to develop a plan in an efficient way and how to stimulate the effectiveness of its implementation.”  

The report is available in four languages.

Report: Dementia in the Americas

This report examines the prevalence and predicted costs of dementia in the Americas – both for the region as a whole and for each individual country. There will be over 27 million people living with dementia by 2050 in the region, and associated costs of dementia care are predicted to increase from the current estimate of US$235 billion.

Alongside academics and researchers from across the region, ADI and Bupa are calling on countries to develop National Dementia Plans to improve dementia care and support, keeping long-term care affordable and sustainable.

The report has been written by Professor Martin Prince and the Global Observatory for Ageing and Dementia Care Health Services and Population Research Department, Kings College, London.  

ADI works closely with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS) to develop an Alzheimer plan for the Americas, providing additional incentive for all countries in the Americas to develop their own national dementia plan. 

The report is available in four languages.

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