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In 2012, Lilly conducted a global survey of physicians to help increase awareness of the perceived barriers to obtaining a formal Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, the impact of stigma surrounding diagnosis and the current state of physician knowledge about the disease. The survey showed that there are multiple physician-perceived barriers impacting their ability to make an accurate and timely diagnosis, including lack of a definitive test, lack of communication and patient denial.

Early diagnosis allows people with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia time to plan ahead while they still have the capacity to make important decisions about their finances, occupation, relationships and medical care. Patients and caregivers can receive timely practical information, advice and support.

To address these important needs, Lilly and Alzheimer’s Disease International have partnered to develop educational resources to facilitate more effective patient/caregiver and physician conversations. These resources focus on helping patients and caregivers better identify key cognitive symptoms that could point to a more serious issue, as well as how best to communicate information and concerns to physicians.

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