Regional non-Latin Caribbean Conference - Curacao 2015

In partnership with our member, Stichting Alzheimer Curaçao (SAC), ADI hosted the second Regional non-Latin Caribbean Conference from 27 February to 1 March at the Hilton Curaçao Resort in Willemstad. The event marked SAC’s 15th anniversary and incorporated an ADI workshop on public policy.

As many as 18 island/country representatives attended the ADI workshop that included ADI members, developing members and other country representatives from the Caribbean. A representative from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) presented a draft of the regional dementia action plan for the Americas.

More than 220 delegates attended the conference, which opened with a review of the current status of dementia across the islands. Additional topics covered during the conference included the effects of dementia on society, its financial consequences and the future of dementia in the Caribbean.

ADI Deputy Executive Director Johan Vos, together with SAC members attended meetings with the Curaçao Government to garner support for a national dementia plan. As part of the official conference programme, SAC presented their draft National Dementia Action Plan to Curaçao’s Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of Public Health.

ADI congratulates Haydèe Clementina and her team at SAC as well as ADI Regional Representative for the Caribbean drs Raymond Jessurun for organising and hosting the Caribbean regional conference.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Alzheimer University

  • Global developments on Dementia awareness, advocacy and alliances – ADI Deputy Executive Director – Johan Vos
  • Regional development on Dementia Awareness, Advocacy and Alliances – ADI representative Caribbean – drs Raymond Jessurun
  • Development status of Dementia Awareness, Advocacy and Care Services – Country reports session coordinator – ADI policy advisor Mike Splaine
  • How can we remove national barriers in order to obtain effective national dementia awareness, advocacy, care and support programs?Working group session coordinator – ADI policy advisor Mike Splaine
  • How can we cooperate and support the effective development of Dementia awareness, advocacy, care and support throughout the Caribbean? Working group session coordinator – ADI policy advisor Mike Splaine

Conference Opening

  • "15 years Stichting Alzheimer Curacao" President Stichting Alzheimer Curacao Ms. Haydée Clementina
  • Official opening conference: “Dementia in our Kingdom” The Governor of Curacao, Her Excellency Mrs. Lucille George-Wout
  • The impact of Dementia on Social Development in Curacao Minister of Social Development, Labor and Well-being, The Honorable Minister Mrs. R. D. Larmonie-Cecilia
  • The impact of Dementia on Public Health in Curacao Minister of Public Health, Environment and Nature, The Honorable Minister Dr. Bernhard D. Whiteman
  • Dementia a public health and social development priority Deputy Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International, Mr. Johan Vos

Saturday, February 27, 2015

Alzheimer's Disease and its effects on society

  • What is Alzheimer’s and Dementia? – Ms Milangela Plaate
  • The impact on Society and the importance of COMCAEDA – President COMCAEDA - Dr Norbel Roman
  • Living with Dementia – Family Ostiana – experts with experience

Alzheimer's Disease and the financial consequences

  • The financial impact of dementia – ADI Deputy Executive Director – Johan Vos
  • SVB in the midst of an aging society – drs F. Simon
  • The Netherlands Dementia Delta Plan – Gea Broekema, Director - Alzheimer Nederland
  • Alzheimer University - How to set up an effective Alzheimer’s organization in each country of the region – ADI Deputy Executive Director - Johan Vos
  • Conference workshop to develop a Dementia Action Plan

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Future Scenarios

  • Research as a policy instrument. Epidemiology of DementiaDr Izzy Gerstenbluth
  • Shaping Dementia Care also in this region – Professor Graham Stokes, Director Dementia Care - BUPA
  • The next Lustrum – Dementia Action Plan 5 years from now – Dr Ashley Duits
  • PAHO and the Regional Dementia Action Plan PAHO Official
  • Presentation of the "Draft National Dementia Action Plan Country Curacao" to the Ministers of Social Affairs and the Minister of Public Health (A historic and festive moment on the 15th anniversary of Stichting Alzheimer Curacao)

About Stichting Alzheimer Curaçao

Stichting Alzheimer Curaçao was established in 2000. They aim to provide information and support to the caregivers of the people with dementia, and to improve the awareness of the community about the Alzheimer disease. The foundation produces informational materials, runs support groups and Alzheimer cafes, and provides training to healthcare professionals. You can find them on Facebook atçao/312296372295201