Regional non-Latin Caribbean Conference - Barbados 2016

Dementia: the Way Forward

Barbados Alzheimer’s Association hosted the 3rd Regional Caribbean Conference on Alzheimer’s and Dementia on 25-27 February 2016. The two-day conference, held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, covered a range of topics, including recent developments in dementia policy on a global andregional level, care and prevention, and nutrition. Attendees also heard a first-hand account of what it is like to live with dementia, both from the perspective of the person withdementia and that of their carer.

A workshop for ADI member associations took place ahead of the conference, with a focus on strengthening Alzheimer associations and increasing collaboration across the regional network. Also covered at the workshop was the Pan American Health Organization dementia plan, and presenters from HelpAge International and the Healthy Caribbean Coalition shared their expertise.

Programme and Presentations

Many of the slides presented at the meeting are available from the links below.

About Barbados Alzheimer's Association

The Barbados Alzheimers Association (BAA) was established to raise the awareness of Alzheimer's by Barbadian residents and citizens. It maintains this focus through among other things: sourcing and disseminating medical information concerning Alzheimer’s disease; and establishing and providing support services. It was registered as a company in November 2002 and established as a charitable organization on November 2, 2007. Its vision is improving care and facilities for those affected by dementia. Its mission is to identify, develop and promote programmes to educate the Barbadian public about Alzheimer’s Disease and its impact on family life; and to provide and establish support services for persons suffering from the disease. The vision and mission of the BAA is supported by its almost 100 members, numerous partners and a dedicated executive body. Find out more on the Barbados Alzheimers Association website.