England's National Dementia Strategy

This is the national plan of England.

Living well with dementia: A National Dementia Strategy

Summary of policy elements

The 18 areas of policy were identified and refined by a group of Alzheimer policy experts. Because every plan is constructed differently, the chart gives a quick way to find the location in each plan of the main policy recommendations in each topic.

1. Awareness Raising Yes
2. Dementia Training Yes
3. Diagnosis Yes
4. Access to Treatment Yes
5. Care Coordination Yes
6. Caregiver Assessment  
7. Changes in Physician Practice/Procedure Yes
8. Quality Care Recommendation Yes
9. Legal Ethical Issues/Rights  
10. Risk Factors & Prevention Yes
11. Improved Data  
12. Research Funding Yes
13. Budget for Family Assistance Yes
14. Family Caregiver Support Policies Yes
15. Pilot Projects Yes
16. Special Populations  
17. Policy Office Yes
18. Intergovernmental Policies Yes



Some documents about the implementation of the plan.

In March 2012, the Prime Minister launched his "challenge", to build on the existing strategy.

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