WHO launch new materials on Global plan

21 September 2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) have marked World Alzheimer’s Day with the publication of new materials on the Global plan on dementia, produced in partnership with ADI. [read more]

ADI calls for urgent response to dementia

21 September 2017 – Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. ADI are calling for every country to prioritise the response to dementia by promoting risk reduction, earlier diagnosis and effective care and support. [read more]

Dementia friendly communities highlighted during World Alzheimer’s Month

20 September 2017 – ADI has published an update to its report highlighting examples of dementia friendly initiatives worldwide. The report contains useful information on the implementation, success and monitoring of more than 150 dementia friendly initiatives in over 40 countries. [read more]

ADI urges WHO Europe to act on Global plan

14 September 2017 – ADI has urged European WHO member states to respond to the global plan on dementia with a statement at the 67th session of the Committee in Budapest. [read more]

It's World Alzheimer's Month

1 September 2017 - September is World Alzheimer's Month, the global campaign to raise awareness of dementia and tackle stigma worldwide. This year the theme is 'Remember me' as we highlight the importance of early detection and diagnosis. [Find out more]

Taiwan commits to developing Action Plan on dementia

25 August 2017 - ADI Chair Glenn Rees met with President Tsai Ing-wen to discuss Taiwan's commitment to prepare a new Dementia Plan by the end of 2017 responding to the WHO Global plan on dementia [read more]

Alzheimer’s Association launches $20million study to reduce dementia risk

21 July 2017 – The Alzheimer’s Association has announced the launch of a landmark clinical trial into the effect of multi-dimensional lifestyle interventions to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in the USA. [read more]

New research maps dementia risk factors

20 July 2017 – New research published in the The Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention, and care highlights new and existing risk factors for the development of dementia. Findings show that as many as one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if all the factors could be addressed. [read more]

Canada becomes 30th country to launch national dementia strategy

22 June 2017 – Canada has become the 30th country to develop a national dementia strategy after a private members’ Bill-C233 was passed by the Canadian Parliament.
[read more]

Dementia in the Caribbean: No time to lose

14 June 2017 - The 4th Regional non-Latin Caribbean Conference on Alzheimer’s and Dementia was hosted in Trinidad and Tobago and included support from the President of the country to develop a national dementia plan. [read more]