Global Perspective Newsletter for March 2018

The March 2018 issue of our Global Perspective newsletter is now available. Read our latest news, as well as contributions from Alzheimer associations, people living with dementia and their carers. [read it now]

Know the impact of dementia on International Women’s Day

08 March 2018 – Today is International Women’s Day but what you might not know is that women everywhere are disproportionately affected by dementia, both as carers and those living with the disease. [read more]

Queen Sofia of Spain becomes ADI Ambassador

05 March 2018 – Queen Sofía of Spain has become an Honorary Ambassador of ADI, in recognition of her significant personal dedication to dementia research and care globally. [read more]

Boehringer Ingelheim continues search for Alzheimer’s treatment despite trial set-back

20 February 2018 – Boehringer Ingelheim have shifted their attention to a new compound to treat Alzheimer’s disease, after topline results of two Phase II trials of BI 409306 showed that it did not have efficacy when tested for Alzheimer’s disease. [read more]

Merck remain committed after discontinuing Verubecestat study

14 February 2018 — Pharmaceutical company Merck have announced the discontinuation of Phase III studies into the effects of Verubecestat, a possible new drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. [read more]

Welsh Government adopts Dementia Action Plan

15 February 2018 — The Welsh Government has adopted the Dementia Action Plan for Wales 2018-2022, outlining a comprehensive response to the impact of dementia, including improving support of those affected and enabling dementia friendly communities. [read more]

Wendy Weidner appointed as Research and Policy Project Lead

06 February 2018 — Wendy will join ADI on 1 March and be responsible for ADI’s participation in the STRiDE (Strengthening responses to dementia in developing countries) project in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). [read more]

Dementia included in draft WHO programme of work

25 January 2018 – The World Health Organization have included dementia in the next draft programme of work after the call for its explicit inclusion was supported by Member States and civil society. [read more]

Statement calls for explicit inclusion of dementia in WHO work plan

22 January 2018 - ADI has submitted a statement for the urgent inclusion of dementia in the next programme of work of the World Health Organization. [read more]

Global Perspective Newsletter for December 2017

The December 2017 issue of our Global Perspective newsletter is now available. This issue includes news from World Alzheimer's Month 2017, ADI meetings and regular features and contributions from Alzheimer associations and our partners. [Read it now]