World rocks against dementia again in 2017

11 July 2016 - Executive Director Marc Wortmann wrote the following message to encourage support for next year's World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD) in March 2017:

I am very excited to let you know that ADI will be supporting another World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD) campaign next March. Events around the world will use music for awareness raising and supporting those with dementia and their families.

This is a powerful way to draw much needed attention for Alzheimer’s and dementia and a great way to reach out to the wider community.
It is a wonderful opportunity to act locally and at the same time to be connected globally in a major joint effort. Last year, more than 29 cities in 15 countries rocked for dementia.
Alzheimer’s Disease International is looking into ways to promote these events and is asking you to stand together with us to ensure a better life for those with dementia.
A UK event for next year's World Rocks against Dementia is already scheduled for 18 March, 2017. We need your help in organising events in your town, city, region or country to make this a truly global event.
You can let us know of your plans by contacting us at or find out more about existing World rocks against dementia events on the WRAD facebook page.