Welsh Government adopts Dementia Action Plan

15 February 2018 — The Welsh Government has adopted the Dementia Action Plan for Wales 2018-2022, outlining a comprehensive response to the impact of dementia, including improving the diagnosis and support of those affected.

Alzheimer’s Society Cymru worked closely with the government and the Dementia Empowerment and Engagement Project (DEEP) to ensure that people affected by dementia and their care partners played a central role in the plan's development. The plan is among 32 national policies on dementia implemented worldwide. More plans are needed to provide support to 50 million people affected by dementia globally.

£10 million a year has been dedicated under the plan, in order to support people with dementia to live as independently as possible, to aid the training of healthcare professionals, and to help establish dementia friendly communities in Wales.

Sue Phelps, at Alzheimer's Society Cymru, said, "The real work starts now . . . This will only work with the continued inclusion and engagement of people who live with the condition, and by building and strengthening our dementia-friendly nation, where we all play an active role and are united against dementia."

Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer's Disease International, said, "This plan is a welcome addition to the momentum for more plans to address dementia nationally, and regionally. I am especially pleased to see the special role played by the public, and people with dementia specifically, in securing such a powerful response from the government."

The plan follows the #45000reasons petition by Alzheimer Society Cymru, calling on the Welsh Assembly to develop a plan that will improve diagnosis, awareness, training for health professionals and support for people living with dementia and their care partners. It also includes a focus on improving the relationship between social care and housing, and supporting increased research on dementia. [read more]

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