Warning about publishing scams

03 April 2017-  Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) and Dementia Alliance International (DAI) have been made aware of scams that target potential speakers and experts at conferences and other events. We would like to express our dismay at reports that people with dementia and their families may be taken advantage of in this way and urge anyone with further information to contact us.

These scams can be difficult to spot, and request that you pay in order to publish work, or register for an event, which does not happen or is of no value.

Neither ADI nor DAI will approach you in this way. If you are contacted by anyone you do not recognise about participation at an ADI or DAI conference or event, please contact us at info@alz.co.uk

We urge caution with any message that is asking for money from someone you do not know, or for payment up front for a future service.

If you are approached by a publisher or other organisation, always ask:

  • To see their publication or registration protocols
  • A clear outline of the costs and how they are processed
  • If they can provide names of satisfied clients or other speakers, or of people with dementia who are involved 

You can also follow these general guidelines: 

  • Ask questions. You can check company names, reviews and contact details using the internet and this may show if other people have had bad experiences, or if the company has previously produced good results.
  • Most of the time, professional conference organisers will address you formally using your correct details. They will usually contact you from an address that contains reference to the organisation they are writing from, such as name@conferenceorganiser.com.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about the nature of a request, seek help or find out more from colleagues or online. Remember that if you ignore a genuine request, it is likely that they will try to contact you again.

Please contact us, or seek the support of Dementia Alliance International or the Alzheimer association in your country if you are concerned about a message you have received.