Significant movement in Switzerland

8 June 2011 - In April, motions to support a national Alzheimer's disease plan in Switzerland were discussed in the Conseil national (one of the chambers) and unanimously accepted.

This means that the debate will continue in the health commission of the second chamber (Conseil des Etats) who will most likely have these motions on their agenda in the autumn session (September).

While a national dementia strategy is an open question, the sign is positive, especially for action on cantonal level in which Vaud has led the way with the release of its plan in November 2010. The programme thus involves a first step, medical: the creation of a Centre of Memory at the Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois. It will bring together experts from different disciplines and will aim at both clinical and educational centre training and research. To this end, 740 000 francs is budgeted.

Read the full Alzheimer programme.