Statement calls for explicit inclusion of dementia in WHO work plan

22 January 2018 - ADI has submitted a statement to the 142nd Session of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board, calling for the urgent inclusion of dementia in the 13th WHO General programme of work 2019-2023.

Representatives of ADI are in attendance at the meeting of the Board, where the current draft of the programme of work will be considered by 34 WHO Member States. The statement in partnership with Dementia Alliance International outlines the importance of the specific inclusion of dementia to retain global and national momentum to prioritise the disease.

Paola Barbarino, CEO of ADI, is expected to say that, "We strongly feel that mentioning dementia in the programme of work is key to the success of global advocacy for change. Civil society needs to be empowered to persuade the world that dementia cannot be hidden."

Dementia has gained important recognition by the WHO following the adoption of the Global plan of action on the public health response to dementia 2017-2025, and development of the Global Dementia Observatory in 2017. By giving dementia formal visibility in its work plan, it is hoped that all countries may continue to progress national policies to advance the awareness, prevention and diagnosis, treatment, research and care of, and for those affected.

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