New anti-stigma campaign launched in Canada

2 January 2013 - The Alzheimer Society of Canada have today launched a new campaign to address the stigma surrounding dementia that often prevents individuals from seeking or sharing a diagnosis.

The nationwide campaign, titled See me, not my disease. Let's talk about dementia, will run throughout January as part of the Society's Alzheimer Awareness Month. The campaign urges Canadians to learn more about dementia, which will help to dispel some of the common myths around the disease and work towards changing attitudes and opinions towards those living with dementia.

The campaign calls for members of the public to maintain relationships with people with dementia at home, in the community or at work and to stop making jokes about dementia, which only trivialise the condition. An online quiz has been developed as part of the campaign for individuals to test their own attitudes and perceptions of people with dementia.

"Dementia really challenges the values we hold as a society and what it means to be human," says Mary Schulz, Director of Education at the Alzheimer Society of Canada. “We need to stop avoiding this disease and rethink how we interact with people with dementia. Only by understanding the disease and talking more openly about it, can we face our own fears and support individuals and families living with dementia.”

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