National dementia plan confirmed for Peru

17 May 2013 - A new Peruvian law, passed this week, set in motion the development of a national dementia plan for Peru, the first of its kind within the Latin American region. The law states that a plan is to be developed by the country's Ministry of Health within the next 90 days.

Mariella Guerra, Vice President of Asociación Peruana de Enfermedad de Alzheimer y otras Demencias (APEAD), said, 'For us as Peruvians it is a great advance in public health. For APEAD and IMEDER it is a big achievement after many years of looking to raise awareness and call for political attention on the issue. We have to thank Congressman Michael Urtecho who became interested in the subject and took the initiative to get us to work on the issue.'

Marc Wortmann, Executive director of Alzheimer's Disease International, said of the news, 'This development is not only important for Peru, but for the whole Latin American region. Of course we are keen to find out the next steps, such as who is going to write the plan, what will be in it and how it will be implemented.'