Love, Loss and Laughter

23 June 2011 - People with dementia and their carers in the Dominican Republic, France, India, Japan and the USA are the subject of an acclaimed photography exhibition which opened this month at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.

The free exhibition, which will run until September, features photographs taken by Cathy Greenblat during her cross-cultural photographic project on ageing, dementia and end of life care, which she began work on in 2002.

Cathy Greenblat said of the exhibition: 'My photographs illustrate that quality health care allows people with Alzheimer’s disease to sustain connections to others and to their own past lives at a far higher level than is generally believed to be possible. They demonstrate that they are capable of experiencing joy as well as sorrow, that loving care can yield loving responses. I hope that these images will help viewers seek ways to make both loving care and laughter even more frequent, and to reduce the fear and stigma that surround dementia.'

Cathy Greenblat has worked closely with ADI over the past two years, providing the thought-provoking images and accompanying descriptions for both the World Alzheimer Report 2009 and World Alzheimer Report 2010.

For more information about Cathy Greenblat and her work visit her website. For details of the exhibition visit the Glasgow Caledonian University website.