Kids Volunteer Initiative for Caregiver Support Group in China

28 August 2012 - This month, a group of three young volunteers joined the monthly meeting of a caregiver support group at the Dementia Care & Research Center at Peking University Institute of Mental Health in Beijing, China.

During the meeting, singing and dancing brought great happiness to the meeting's participants. They clapped their hands, laughed, and felt that they were young again. After the kid's show, the participants were keen for the children to re-visit them again in the future.

The event marked the launch of a kids volunteer initiative for the caregiver support group in China. Dr Huali Wang and Ms Li Ma, leading professionals of the caregiver support group, commented after the event that it had been significant in promoting high quality dementia care service in China. "In Chinese culture, the happiness of family union is considered most important in improving quality of life for the elderly. Union of the kids and the participants in the caregiver support group, particular the elderly, could bring new sense, new energy and new understanding to their life. On the other hand, getting kids involved in the dementia caregiver support group, would facilitate the knowledge dissemination of early detection of memory impairment in the community, and would increase their coping capability in living with the elderly with dementia."

In the future it is hoped that more kids volunteers will take part in the dementia caregiver support group and a volunteer passport will be presented to these children.

For more information contact Alzheimer's Disease Chinese.