Help us make 2018 a turning point for dementia

7 December 2017 – What an important year this has been for the dementia community! And yet there is so much more we need to do and we will take every opportunity to make 2018 a turning point for people affected by dementia, their care partners and families.

Raising greater awareness of dementia globally - at all levels - remains our number one priority.

Alzheimer associations worldwide are leading this journey - encouraging support for those affected, ensuring access to resources where there are none and continuing to advocate for change where you live. We are working closely with every association, including supporting the development of new ones, to shape a coordinated movement to address dementia on a global scale.

Looking back on 2017 we had a wonderful global conference in Kyoto which enabled many of us to learn more about where the dementia debate is today as well as forge closer bond and sow the ground for collaborations.

In May, at the World Health Assembly, the governments of 194 countries unanimously adopted a global plan to prioritise dementia in every country. You can watch the statement here. ADI continues to be actively involved in ensuring the best possible response to this plan nationally and monitors that its ambitious targets on awareness and dementia friendliness, diagnosis, dementia treatment and research, risk reduction, information and care and support are included and upheld in the governmental responses. 

Thirty governments worldwide have developed plans, and action is urgently needed in more countries. Here is a map of all countries with national plans, or with plans in development. ADI currently has 90 members. Please help us find more civil society movements where we have no presence.

Our International ConferenceWorld Alzheimer's Month and Alzheimer University Programme are some of the ways we are making a difference. We continue to be involved in progressing conversations on dementia with the WHO, UN, OECD, Governments and other regional organisations, including people living with dementia and their care partners worldwide.

We also continue our publication programme at all levels, which in 2017 included an updated report on Dementia Friendly Communities and a report on Dementia in sub-Saharan Africa.

As we approach 2018, we’ve welcomed the start of the STRiDE project in developing economies, news of high level investment by Bill Gates into dementia research and ITN Productions' willingness to partner with us in the creation of a programme aimed at highlighting the importance of the global effort of ADI and its members on dementia. 

We are asking you to help us in a smaller way, by taking a moment to donate what you can to support our work. We will not rest until dementia is properly acknowledged as the epidemic it is and addressed promptly and appropriately. Your help can make us get there faster.