Have your say on the G8 Dementia Summit

26 September 2013 - The Department of Health is inviting comments and suggestions regarding the upcoming G8 Dementia Summit on a new website launched this week. The Dementia Challenge website offers users the chance to submit comments ahead of the meeting on 11 December.

The government is inviting health ministers from G8 countries to discuss how they can coordinate efforts and shape an effective international solution to dementia. This includes looking for effective therapies and responses to slow dementia’s impact.

The summit will aim to identify and agree a new international approach to dementia research, to help break down barriers within and between companies, researchers and clinicians and secure a new level of cooperation needed to reach shared goals faster than nations acting alone.

Although not part of the formal summit process, all the comments will be considered by the Department of Health team planning the summit and will be used to inform their work to develop themes for discussion.

Please visit the G8 Dementia Challenge website [link no longer available] to submit your comments, the deadline for submission is the 15 October.