Global Coalition on Aging

8 June 2011 - The Global Coalition on Aging is reshaping how global leaders approach and prepare for the 21st century's profound shift in population aging.

The Coalition uniquely brings together global corporations across industry sectors with common strategic interests in aging populations, a comprehensive and systemic understanding of aging, and an optimistic view of its impact. Through research, public policy analysis, advocacy and communication, the Coalition is advancing innovative solutions and working to ensure global aging is a path for fiscally sustainable economic growth, social value creation and wealth enhancement. The Coalition operates along four pillars including health and wellness, education and work, financial security, and technology and innovation to promote basic reforms to address the 21st century's age-driven demographic realities.

The Coalition recently led the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Policy Dialogue on Aging, Health and Innovation, which united the 21 APEC Member Economies on the challenges and opportunities of aging society. In addition, Coalition Executive Director Michael Hodin has travelled extensively, educating audiences in the fields of health, financial services and workplace solutions on the critical importance of viewing aging populations comprehensively and optimistically as a source of wealth production and prosperity, and not of disability and dependency. For Michael Hodin’s presentation at the Milken Global Conference, click here.