Global Alzheimer’s And Dementia Alliance launches at World Health Assembly in Geneva

19 May 2014 - ADI together with the Alzheimer’s Society (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Department of Health in England will today launch a Global Alzheimer's and Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA). The Alliance is the first global body to bring together NGOs, professional associations, governments and other members of the wider civil society to raise awareness and tackle dementia internationally.

The announcement will be made at an event held today during the World Health Assembly in Geneva. The Assembly is the annual meeting of all 193 member countries of the World Health Organization. The three partners aim to foster global collaboration among international NGOs, professional associations, governments and international statutory bodies in an effort to coordinate actions and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The Alliance will be a response to the call for action of the G8 Summit on Dementia that was held in London in December 2013. The Summit called for increased funding for research, improvement of dementia care and change of the societal attitude towards these diseases, which are among the most serious health and social care challenges of the 21st century.

It will engage with broader civil society organisations to raise more awareness globally and change the attitude to dementia in as many countries as possible. This follows a clear commitment from the G8 Summit to reach beyond the G7 countries and to work with WHO and OECD to “support countries to strengthen health and social care systems to improve care and services for people with dementia”.

Update: A website for the Global Alzheimer's and Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA) has been launched