First WHO Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia

A statement on behalf of Alzheimer’s Disease International and other organizations attending the Ministerial Conference

16 March 2015 - Today the World Health Organisation (WHO) will host its first Ministerial Conference on Global Action Against Dementia. Ministers from around the world, as well as experts from the research, clinical and NGO communities, are coming together in Geneva for the first time to discuss the global problems posed by dementia.

We, the organizations below, welcome the significant impact of the G8 Summit on Dementia in December 2013 in London and the G7 Legacy Events during 2014 and 2015 and acknowledge the leadership of the UK government for making this possible and putting dementia on the global health agenda.

Civil society organisations have been the strongest responders to the dementia challenge in the past and they have done that by creating support structures for those living with dementia and their relatives, gathering and providing information about many different aspects of dementia, advocating for improvements in the health and social care system and funding research.

We are delighted that this process is now moving from the G7 countries to a global platform where every country can contribute and are asking our governments meeting in Geneva for the WHO Ministerial Conference on Dementia on 16-17 March 2015 to;

  1. Ensure that people with dementia and their families are put at the centre of all policies.
  2. Implement and take the necessary steps towards the ambition to identify a cure or a disease-modifying therapy for dementia by 2025, as adopted by the G8 Summit in December 2013, and to increase collectively and significantly the amount of funding for dementia research to reach that goal. We suggest that every country should increase their public research budget to 1% of the amount the country spends on dementia care.
  3. Increase efforts in other areas of research, such as research into effective care models; prevalence, incidence and mortality, prevention and risk reduction to a comparable level, and increase the focus on translating research into practice.
  4. Recognise the value of civil society organisations including Alzheimer associations and Alzheimer research foundations as key advocates for improvements in dementia care and policies and support these organisations. This should include a role for people who are living with dementia.
  5. Create and fund a dementia work stream for lower and middle-income countries and develop programmes to raise awareness and improve health system response with the inclusion of partners from those countries.
  6. Facilitate further collaboration on the exchange of best practices in dementia care and creating dementia friendly communities.
  7. Make risk reduction for dementia a priority and link actions, including setting of some targets and indicators, to the general work steam on non-communicable diseases that is led by the World Health Organization.

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Age UK
Alzheimer's Association
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Alzheimer's Association of Trinidad and Tobago
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Alzheimer's Disease Armenian Association
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Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation
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Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India
Asociación de Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer
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Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft
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Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association
Hungarian Alzheimer Society
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