First-Ever Dementia Innovation Readiness Index launched at ADI Conference

26 April 2017 – The first-ever Dementia Innovation Readiness Index has been launched by the Global Coalition on Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) during a special pre-conference session at the 32nd International Conference of ADI in Kyoto, Japan.

The index provides a comprehensive evaluation of existing and possible approaches and processes that have an impact on the prevention, treatment of or care for dementia in the G7 countries - supporting advocacy of ADI and others for coordinated, continuous and committed action on dementia by governments and stakeholders globally.

The index highlights a growing need to address a lack of data on dementia care and treatment, including building a better picture of and comparisons between the diagnosis of dementia, and encouraging the standardisation of diagnostic tools.

Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. Earlier diagnosis of dementia achieved through innovation could dramatically increase the understanding of the disease and future treatment, as more people living with dementia are able to participate in research.

Evaluation of the countries in the report is based on an assessment of 10 elements including strategy and funding, education and the workforce, prevention and diagnosis, and access to and quality of care. In every country, the Index calls for increased funding for dementia care appropriate to the growing impact of the disease, adding that people living with dementia should be provided with greater choice in the type and level of support they can receive.

Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of ADI, said,

‘This Index will provide Alzheimer associations a valuable tool to campaign for changes in health systems and better conditions for innovation including more funding for research, not only in G7 countries but all around the world.’

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