European Parliament calls for action on non-communicable diseases

26 September 2011 - The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for action on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In advance of the UN High-Level meeting on NCDs, the Parliament called for a strong political commitment from the European Commission and EU Member States to reflect the significant and severity of the global NCD epidemic.

The resolution called for the implementation of interventions and the promotion of healthy diets, as well as clear evidence-based guidelines to ensure appropriate management and treatment across care professions.  The resolution also stresses the need for research and education on risk-factor reduction and public health interventions.

The European Parliament called on the EU and member states to scale up primary prevention, research, early diagnosis and management of NCDs, including Alzheimer's disease.

The resolution noted that the implementation of national plans, associated with the more effective prevention, diagnosis and management of NCDs and risk factors could significantly reduce the overall burden of NCDs and thus contribute positively to maintaining the sustainability of national healthcare systems.

Read the full text of the resolution.