Dementia friendly communities highlighted during World Alzheimer’s Month

20 September 2017 – ADI has published an update to its report highlighting examples of dementia friendly initiatives worldwide. The report contains useful information on the implementation, success and monitoring of more than 150 dementia friendly initiatives in over 40 countries.

The update follows the publication of twin reports, Dementia friendly communities: Key principles and Global developments, at the 31st International Conference of ADI in Budapest, April 2016. It is hoped that the update to the examples in this report will continue to act as a vital companion to those involved in the future planning of new dementia friendly initiatives worldwide.

The report includes new sections with early examples of dementia friendliness in Africa and the Middle East, alongside established projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Glenn Rees, Chair, said, “Dementia friendly communities have the power to change the way we think about living with dementia. The examples in this report mark a shift from a focus on meeting the physical and health needs of the person with dementia to supporting the person to achieve the best quality of life reasonably possible through attitude change, the environment and social inclusion.

"In 2017, this is strengthened by the adoption of the Global plan on dementia by the World Health Organisation that urges every government to implement dementia friendly as part of national responses to the disease.”

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