COGNISANCE Project awarded funding from JPND

06 December 2018 – ADI will be an external collaborator in COGNISANCE, as will our partner Dementia Alliance International (DAI).

ADI is pleased to announce that the COGNISANCE Project (Co-designing dementia diagnosis and post-diagnostic care) is one of 10 multinational teams to receive funding from the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND).

The aim of COGNISANCE is to co-design and co-deliver campaigns to improve the dementia diagnostic process and post-diagnostic support alongside people with dementia, their family care partners, and health and social care professionals.

The three-year project is set to launch in Spring 2019 and will be led by Dr Henry Brodaty, University of New South Wales, Australia and member of ADI’s Executive Committee of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP).  The project will include research teams from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, and Poland.

Key work packages will:

  • Explore current experiences, barriers and facilitators to dementia diagnosis and post-diagnosis support from the perspectives of people with dementia, care partners and health and social care professionals
  • Develop internationally-applicable toolkits to support guideline implementation for health and social care professionals and the public
  • Devise campaigns to produce behaviour change in selected regions
  • Evaluate the campaign using the Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance (RE-AIM) framework and measure the impact on the diagnosis and post-diagnosis experience as well as practitioner attitudes and behaviour
  • Develop an implementation playbook on how to run a campaign

The hope is that the COGNISANCE project will provide a new internationally-adaptable set of standards to guide patients, their families and health care practitioners on how to make the diagnostic process and post-diagnostic care as positive an experience as possible.

Wendy Weidner, ADI’s Research and Policy Project Lead, said: “ADI is thrilled to be part of COGNISANCE. The opportunity to support our members to co-produce new standards to ensure a better diagnostic experience and to improve post-diagnostic care is something we feel very strongly about. We can’t wait to get started!”