Chefs to travel by motorbike from Argentina to Peru to raise money for ADI

10 January 2014 - Two chefs will today embark on a 5,500km motorcycle ride from Argentina to Peru to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease International. The 6 week trip will see them negotiate the feet of the Andes as well as the Americas tallest peak, the Aconcagua.

Daniel and Emanuel, who are both professional chefs, plan to cook their way along the route, while raising awareness of Alzheimer's disease. When Daniel's mother, Emanuel's grandmother, was diagnosed with the condition, they said family and friends found her memory loss hardest to adjust to. Daniel reflects, "Don't you remember, I told you so, were usual words that hit her the hardest."

The duo will set off from Buenos Aires on the 10 January, traveling along the feet of the Andes 1,000km west of the city. They will then negotiate the path into Chile which stands at over 3,000 meters high. Arriving in Santiago they will head west to the pacific and then north towards their final destinations, Lima and Cusco in Peru.

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On behalf of Daniel and Emanuel, thank you for your support.