Raising awareness during a political campaign

8 June 2011 - On 2 May Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sought support for his minority government by calling a general election, the fourth election in seven years. To raise awareness during the political campaign, the Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC) developed an online advocacy campaign. The goal of the online initiative was to raise the important health issues facing Canadian society and to create a national dialogue on the dementia crisis.

The campaign theme, Dementia by the Numbers, was inspired by ASC’s Rising Tide report and highlighted the many facts and figures associated with dementia. The call to action sought a response from future politician on the dementia crisis and a commitment to address the impending dementia crisis.

The campaign consisted of three parts;

  1. an advertising campaign directed at politicians and future decision makers,
  2. a letter to candidates from all parties highlighting the need for a plan to address Canada’s dementia crisis
  3. an E-advocacy and web campaign.

The campaign resulted in an overwhelming response from parties and candidates during the election and provided the many incoming and new elected officials with a better understanding of the current framework for care in Canada and the need for a national dementia plan.