Canada becomes 30th country to launch national dementia strategy

22 June 2017 – Canada has become the 30th country to develop a national dementia strategy after a private members’ Bill-C233 was passed by the Canadian Parliament.

More than 564,000 Canadians are living with dementia. The passing of the Bill means that it will help ensure that all of these individuals, their caregivers and their families will have access to improved quality of care, services and recognition under the strategy. By encouraging greater investment in research, best practise for care and treatment and increased collaboration with Alzheimer organisations, the development of a national strategy has the power to transform the experience of dementia in the country. 

Pauline Tardif, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, said, “This is a significant and proud milestone, and we are thrilled that the Government of Canada is standing with us to address the realities of dementia. Together with our partners and especially with people living with dementia and their families, we will work towards implementing a strategy with speed and commitment to deliver positive change in the way we care for, treat and support all people impacted by dementia.”

Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International welcomed the plan, saying “This timely launch demonstrates the preparedness of our members associations. Many have worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years to capitalise on the launch of the Global plan on dementia. ADI will continue to support all members ensuring we keep the momentum on the development of national plans as well as monitoring the existing plan’s implementation and effectiveness.”

The World Health Organization has adopted a global plan on dementia encouraging every country to develop a national plan in repsonse to the disease. Alzheimer associations around the world continue to encourage the development of these plans that include the input of people living with dementia and their care partners, and are supported by funding and clear targets for implementation. You can find out more about the global plan and plans developed in 29 countries below.

The Alzheimer Society and its federation partners look forward to continuing to work with the government, stakeholders and people living with dementia to create and implement Canada’s strategy. Read their proposed framework for the strategy here.

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