Alzheimer Bolivia lead international training on development of dementia plans

22 October 2017 - Prior to the 10th Ibero-America Alzheimer’s Congress (Santo Domingo, 19 - 21 of October), a one-day workshop was held on the design and implementation of national dementia plans in the Americas. The workshop was organised by Ninoska Ocampo-Barba, President of Asociación Alzheimer Bolivia and Vice President of Alzheimer Iberoamerica, and counted with facilitation from governmental representatives from Costa Rica and Asociación Costarricense de Alzheimer y otras Demencias Asociadas.

The purpose of this First International Training Workshop on National Alzheimer Plans in Ibero-America was to train participants in strategies for working with government agencies in the development of national dementia plans, following the adoption of a Global plan on dementia by the World Health Organization (WHO) in May.

Representatives from national associations of Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela attended the workshop, as did a Parliamentarian from Argentina, the Ambassador of Colombia to the Dominican Republic, and representatives of ADI. The issues attended ranged from the experience of the national plan in Costa Rica; the basic structure for a plan and procedures to achieve it; to relations with the community, with strategic allies, and with the state.

Joost Martens, ADI’s Regional Director for the Americas, commented that: “Bringing together the variety of experiences from across the region with global standards and plan guidelines, provided for an exchange that was of great value to all.”

Workshop facilitator Ninoska Ocampo-Barba added: “The achievement of common objectives to Iberoamerica was possible with the participation of all involved and the joint work of the experts with which our region counts, as is the case, on this occasion, of Dr Norbel Román.”

Workshops such as this are crucial in increasing Alzheimer associations’ ability to work with governments to design and implement national action plans. Currently, five countries in the Ibero-America region have national dementia action plans in place, with the plans in other countries in different stages of development.

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