ADI to attend G8 Dementia Summit

20 November 2013 - On 11 December the UK will host the first G8 Dementia Summit dedicated to tackling dementia globally. ADI along with the Alzheimer’s Society (UK), the Alzheimer’s Association (US) and others, have been invited to attend the meeting in London.

The summit will aim to identify and agree a new international approach to dementia research, breaking down barriers between companies, researchers and clinicians to secure a new level of cooperation required by the growing prevalence of dementia.

ADI will use this opportunity to stress the need for national dementia plans that promote early diagnosis and interventions. While funding for research remains crucial, the provision of good quality care and support for caregivers is equally important.

Alongside the official meeting on the 11 December, ADI will be hosting a G8 side event on 10 December, inviting key policy makers and dementia experts from all around the world to reinforce the need for an international dialogue on dementia.

More to follow.