ADI submits statement on dementia and COVID-19 ahead of World Health Assembly

15 May 2020 – In advance of the 73rd World Health Assembly, ADI is sharing a statement submitted to the World Health Organization and Member States. The 73rd World Health Assembly will be held virtually, for the first time, due to COVID-19 and the agenda will rightly be focussed on the global response to this pandemic.

During this period, it is vital that we convey a very strong message to the World Health Organization (WHO) team and to Member States. Dementia must not be neglected during this crisis, especially in light of the fact that the elderly are the most badly affected group, with implications around support, treatment and care during the peak of this pandemic, but also in terms of the wider impact that this is having on diagnosis, post diagnostic support, research, clinical trials and even prevalence rates. 

Read the full statement here.
Read the full statement in Spanish here.

WHO Civil Society Working group submits NCD statement to World Health Assembly

18 May 2020 - Chris Lynch, Deputy CEO of ADI and Kate Swaffer, Chair, CEO and Co-founder of Dementia Alliance International, along with WHO Civil Society Working Group members, submitted a statement on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) to the World Health Assembly, highlighting the importance of including NCD prevention and treatment in pandemic preparedness plans, beginning with inclusion of NCDs in national COVID-19 responses as part of global health security, and acknowledging the links between COVID-19 complications and underlying chronic conditions.

Read the full statement here.