ADI collaborates on Voices of the Marginalised project

6 November 2013 - A report published in partnership with Sightsavers, HelpAge and ADD International has found that up to half of all people aged 60 and over live with disabilities. The report, entitled ‘We can also make change’, draws on the real-life stories of people with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh, where the rate of disability runs at 30%.

The study found that people with disabilities in Bangladesh, a country whose ageing population will soar to 14.6 million by 2025, faced considerable financial and social inequalities, from economic struggles to being stigmatised by their community.

Stigma plays a significant role in the social experiences of people with dementia or disabilities. In 2011, our World Alzheimer Report found that 75% of people with dementia reported that they felt there were negative associations with dementia, while a further 28% reported they had felt marginalised as a result of their condition.

‘We can also make a change’ makes several key recommendations, stressing the importance of full and equal participation of people with disabilities and older people in developing and negotiating the post-2015 development agenda.

The study recommends that policymakers must:

  • Ratify and implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and support the elaboration of a UN convention on the rights of older people
  • Ensure that age and disability are treated as cross-cutting themes in all post-2015 development goals and support improved disability and older-person data gathering and analysis mechanisms
  • Promote the full and equal participation of older people and people with disabilities in social and political life

Staff from Alzheimer's Disease International attended the launch of the report at the Houses of Parliament.