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This page formally showcases the wonderful projects and fantastic work our 102 members are doing all around the world. This webpage will be updated on a regular basis, so please check for updates!


November 2019

Alzheimers Dementia Namibia: African Witchfinder 

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November 2019

Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenija - Dementia Friendly Spots 

In 2016 Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenija ( started developing the Dementia Friendly Spots (DFS) programme. It is a national education and awareness-raising programme connecting a wide spectrum of organisations in a network of sites providing information about dementia locally.

The network of DFS include: police and fire stations, shops, libraries, pharmacies, homes for elderly, community healthcare centres, social work centres, Red Cross, Faculty for Social Work, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Defence, Ministry for Internal Affairs, Medical Chamber Slovenia, National Institute for Public Health…The first DFS opened in July 2017 at the Human Rights Ombudsman office. Since, there has been a growing interest from organisations all around the country and in September 2019 there were more than 200 members in the DFS network.


The basic idea of the programme is to train employees about dementia, communication with people with dementia, post diagnostic support and rights of persons with dementia and their caregivers. DFS provide information about dementia and services available in local communities, provide support to people with dementia and their families, so they can stay at home as long as possible. 

The programme is supported by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and by the Ministry of Health. 

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October 2019

Alzheimers New Zealand - The Dementia Declaration 

Alister Robertson, Board Member of Alzheimers NZ and of the Alzheimers NZ Advisory Group, says:

The Dementia Declaration is the result of people like me who are affected by dementia in New Zealand getting together and identifying what we need to live well.

The Declaration has been developed by Alzheimers NZ’s Advisory Group, of which I am a member. It was launched earlier this year and we are encouraging people to ‘adopt’ the Declaration and pledge their support online through ActionStation.

We are hoping our Declaration will become a benchmark against which governments, organisations and individuals can measure themselves when they interact with and make policy for people just like me.

We have the same rights, needs and desires as everyone else, but are ignored far too often. We have been marginalised and stigmatised, both by society and by the health sector, so we hope the Declaration will help to change things for the better. Our Declaration - because it is for all New Zealanders with dementia - is our way of educating society about what we need.

The Declaration is our plea to be treated with respect, kindness, understanding and acceptance, for a more dementia friendly New Zealand. We want the Declaration to be a vehicle for change and to make our voices heard. These voices will help to shape how society responds to our needs, what services and support we want and how we’d still like to have some choices in our lives.

It is my hope that the Declaration will lead to positive and progressive change in the way people living with dementia are treated, by both society and the government, and health policy makers in particular. The next step is to turn the voices of people with dementia into the actions we truly want to see.

View The Dementia Declaration here.