ADI and ITN Productions release new documentary 'Hope in the Age of Dementia'

30 June 2020

New programme “Hope in the Age of Dementia” explores latest ground-breaking developments to overcome the condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the global voice on Dementia and ITN Productions Industry News have launched a news-style programme, “Hope in the Age of Dementia”, showcasing the latest developments in care, research and technology, with a special focus on advancing and accelerating solutions for Alzheimer's disease globally.

Dementia affects more than 50 million people worldwide and this number is expected to more than triple by 2050, placing an unprecedented strain on health systems globally. The programme hears from leaders in the field of neuroscience and neurodegeneration, research, drug discovery, care and support, explaining the importance of new treatment pathways, early diagnostic tools, clinical trials, risk reduction, timely diagnosis, and health and care innovation.

Anchored by experienced news presenter Sharon Thomas, “Hope in the Age of Dementia” explores the global disparities in dementia planning; hopeful signs of treatment and diagnostic breakthroughs; major barriers disrupting data collection, leading research in low and middle income countries; innovation in health and care services and the importance of collaboration in improving policy decision making. The programme features key interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations such Geras Solutions, National University of Ireland, Galway, Roche, TauRx, The University of Auckland, The Welsh Ambulance Services and forms part of a communications campaign including the ADI network, industry partners and journalists.

Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International said: “Now more than ever we need hope for those who live with dementia and their families. The global pandemic in 2020 has shown us how vulnerable our constituencies are and how unprepared governments are to help them cope with not just emergencies but daily life. This programme delves deeply into a wealth of new ideas, possible therapies and innovation in care, diagnostics and support to name a few. We hope it will instil in all of us a renewed confidence that a better life for all who live with dementia and their carers is possible.”

Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of ITN Productions Industry News, said: “We’re really excited by the opportunity to work with ADI to create an inspirational programme that showcases the amazing work being done to advance the dementia landscape. We hope the programme promotes a clearer understanding of the challenges faced and addresses how stigma and social exclusion are still major barriers for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.”

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ADI is the international federation of Alzheimer associations around the world, in official relations with the World Health Organization. Each member is the leading Alzheimer association in their country who support people with dementia and their families. ADI’s vision is prevention, care and inclusion today, and cure tomorrow.

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Source: Alzheimer’s Disease International