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ADI presents 'Every Three Seconds', a collaboration with ITN Productions

28 November 2017

  • Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds
  • ITN Productions programme will highlight stigma and call for increased funding
  • Governments have a historic opportunity to dramatically reduce the impact of dementia

London, 28 November 2017 - In a unique communications partnership, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and ITN Productions are producing a news and current affairs-style programme exploring the risks, growth and future response to dementia, that affects almost 50 million people today.

Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. This figure is predicted to increase by 10 million in 2018. With these staggering numbers set to increase, the programme will bring to life what needs to be done to address this trillion-dollar disease.

With little understanding of this disease, this programme will showcase how dementia is not a natural part of aging, but in fact a physical condition. The stigma surrounding dementia continues to create a major barrier to providing timely diagnosis, improved care and support. ‘Every Three Seconds’ will bring to life the new innovations, processes and people who are working vigorously to support and encourage global action on dementia.

The programme will also look at how governments across the world can dramatically increase care and support for, and awareness and diagnosis, research and treatment of dementia, in response to the Global plan adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60 year heritage and expertise in storytelling, the news-style piece will be anchored by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky to combine key interviews and reports with sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations.

’Every Three Seconds’ will premiere at the 33rd International Conference of ADI in Chicago on 26-29 July 2018, and form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring ADI and Alzheimer associations globally, civil society and industry professionals, government partners, as well as relevant journalists, writers and bloggers. Those interested in sharing their work with a global audience are encouraged to contact Charles Harrison, ITN Productions Programming Director, using the details below.

Paola Barbarino, Chief Executive, ADI said: “This programme is an extraordinary opportunity to reduce the stigma attached to dementia worldwide and give us a chance to recognise the efforts in this direction of the global dementia community. We will aim to raise the profile of the human, social and economic impact of dementia globally whilst highlighting practical and innovative ways in which we can all make a difference. Last but not least it will raise public awareness in our work on translating the adoption of a global action plan on dementia into a better life for people with dementia, their families and carers at a national and local level and how everyone can get involved and help make this vision a reality.”

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Alzheimer’s Disease International to produce this programme exploring Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias that affect a phenomenal amount of people and their families around the world. We want to bring to life the extent of the breadth of this disease and what is needed to raise awareness and to encourage timely diagnosis.”


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