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A new landmark for people with dementia

Geneva, 25 August 2016

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and Dementia Alliance International (DAI) are calling for action to protect the rights of people with dementia under the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

ADI Chairman Glenn Rees will be speaking alongside Professor Peter Mittler, member and Human Rights Adviser to DAI, at a side session to the 16th Session of the CRPD Committee and the 10th Anniversary of the Convention today in Geneva.

The side event follows the formal adoption of a Human Rights Based Approach to dementia advocacy by the 85 country member Council of ADI following DAI’s lead, at the 31st International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International in April. A common understanding on Human-Rights approaches (HBRA) was adopted by the UN in 2003.

Dementia affects 47 million people worldwide. A recent OECD study concluded that “dementia receives the worst care in the developed world.”

Glenn Rees, Chairman of ADI, said, Making the link between human rights and practical action is critical if people with dementia are to exercise their rights in respect for example of a diagnosis, post diagnostic support, access to paid and voluntary employment, education and social activities.”

Peter Mittler stressed that the Convention had now been ratified by 166 governments but people with dementia were not being included in its implementation by their governments.  By the same token, CRPD Principles and Articles were not clearly reflected in the new dementia policies now being launched in two regions and many countries. DAI has raised this issue with the World Health Organisation.


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Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is a collaboration of like-minded individuals diagnosed with dementia providing a unified voice of strength, advocacy, and support in the fight for individual autonomy for people with dementia. DAI was established in January 2014 to promote education and awareness about dementia – in order to eradicate stigma and discrimination – and to improve the quality of the lives of people with dementia. Dementia Alliance International is the global voice of dementia. For more information, visit