News Release

Greek ‘Positive care in dementia’ project celebrates trains 1000 caregivers

Athens, 22 March 2016

Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) is today celebrating the completion of a successful project supporting caregivers to individuals with dementia, being trialled in Greece and other countries since December 2015.  

The Greek project, called ‘Positive care in dementia’, was supported with a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, with the objective of supporting caregivers and professionals in the country deeply affected by the dementia crisis. The ambitious project aimed to train 14 ‘Master Trainers’, who could then support a further 1000 caregivers and 600 dementia professionals through training events across the country. 

There are currently 197,000 people with dementia in Greece.

In 2015, 1 in every 3 Greeks were over the age of 60 – the country has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in the world. 

The course focussed on interactive ways to engage professionals and individuals supporting people with dementia; including six modules on topics such as caring for yourself while caring for a person with dementia, the importance of effective communication and environmental awareness.

Modules were led by Professor Tsolaki, Scientific director of Alzheimer Hellas and president of the Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s Associations, and supported by ADI’s Fundraising and Membership Manager, Anastasia Psoma.

Professor Tsolaki states: The training programme “Positive care in Dementia” was an amazing opportunity to offer high quality training to caregivers and health professionals in Greece. Alzheimer Hellas was leading the training that took place in various cities around Greece. First impressions were very positive and there is a great demand for the training to be continued.”

ADI Executive Director Marc Wortmann added that, “The success of this project shows the enormous potential for building stronger networks globally for improving dementia care, with training helping achieve this in a practical, positive way.”

A press event will today mark the success of the project, with ADI highlighting the importance of effective training and support for caregivers globally to better understand and assist individuals living well with dementia. Countries currently taking part in the project include Bangladesh, Bermuda and Singapore. Early success of the project comes one month ahead of Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 2016 Conference in Budapest 21-24 April.