IMPACT Study - Methods

IMPACT study respondents were recruited from an Internet-based market research sample and completed a 30-minute questionnaire via the Internet during April and May 2009. Respondents were stratified into 4 groups: caregivers, physicians, members of the general public, and payors. The questionnaires were designed by Ipsos Marketing in conjunction with Pfizer Inc and Eisai Europe Ltd, who provided financial support for the survey. The content and structure of the questionnaire were reviewed and endorsed by the IMPACT Steering Committee.

During the questionnaire, respondents were presented with a series of attitudinal statements and asked whether they 1) strongly agreed; 2) agreed; 3) neither agreed nor disagreed; 4) disagreed; or 5) strongly disagreed. In addition to these attitudinal statements, respondents were also asked direct questions related to their attitudes, behaviors and perceptions, for which they were required to select the most appropriate answer from a predefined list. The outcome measure for each item was the percentage of each group endorsing a particular response; for many items, the combined percentage of strongly agree and agree (and strongly disagree and disagree) were combined.

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