IMPACT Study - Instructions

Viewing the IMPACT study data on this website requires the Adobe Flash Player. If the dashboard does not appear, you may need to download the player to your computer or give permission for it to run on this site.

Introductory page

Each dashboard begins with an introduction page that explains the represented population. Click the [Click here to begin] button to continue.

Select question and metrics

The question and metrics selection tools will appear on the dashboard.

Use the dropdown questions list to choose the desired question.

Click the [Select metrics] button to show the metrics dialog. Select the country (or countries) and categories by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes and/or radio buttons. Once the desired metrics have been selected, click the [Close] button to hide the metrics dialog.

A Dashboard Chart

A chart is automatically displayed when a question and metrics are chosen. The chart includes a "hover" display feature that shows the chart component detail when the mouse hovers over any of the chart bars.

Explanation of categories

Click the [?] button to display an explanation of the categories that were used to group respondents in each dashboard. A dialog will appear that provides the dashboard-specific information. Then, click the [X] button to hide this dialog.

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