Case studies - Dementia Friendly Communities

The case studies featured here highlight just some of the successful dementia friendly communities initiatives taking place around the world.

Dementia Friends - How Japan and the UK inspired the world with their Dementia Friends and Supporter initiatives.

Alzheimer Café - Founded in the Netherlands, the Alzheimer Café has become an easily transferable programme used in many countries around the world.


Ghana - Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of Ghana (Alzheimer's Ghana) have worked with many stakeholders on the Dementia PET Project in the Greater Accra Region. 

Namibia - Alzheimer's Dementia Namibia (ADN) raise awareness of dementia in Namibia as a precursor to developing dementia friendly attitudes.

Nigeria - Alzheimer's Disease Association of Nigeria (ADAN) and Dementia Friends Nigeria (DFN) work with other civil society groups to engage with community members in raising awareness of dementia.

Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association (ZARDA) is working towards making communities in Zimbabwe dementia friendly through awareness raising activities such as training for domestic and professional carers and talks in schools and hospitals.


Argentina - Since 2015, Asociacón de Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer (A.L.M.A.) has been holding popular Café con A.L.M.A. events, based on the Netherlands' Alzheimer cafe concept.

Brazil - Associação Brasileira de Alzheimer (APAZ) has produced a handbook based on the importance of educating younger generations about dementia to change national mind sets for the future.

Canada - There are a wide range of groups and initiatives on dementia friendly communities in Canada, from Dementia Friends Canada, to Dementia Friendly Community Intiatives in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Costa Rica - After the implementation of a national Alzheimer plan in 2014, Associación Costarricense de Alzheimer y otras Demencias Asociadas (ASCADA) has focused on informing and educating the general public, advising them on how to become more dementia friendly.

USA - A state-wide initiative - ACT on Alzheimer's - has been operating in the Minnesota since 2011, and a large number of dementia friendly initiatives have emerged in the past three years across the USA. Dementia Friendly America was launched in 2015 as a collaborative of more than 35 national associations.

Asia Pacific


Men’s Sheds - How an Australian programme to empower and reduce isolation among men was adopted for male carers and men with a dementia diagnosis.



Hong Kong SAR


Dementia friendly communities in India: the way forward - In attempting to define what dementia friendliness and Dementia Friendly Community means to India, the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India conducted five workshops in different parts of the country.

Uji’s Dementia Friendly Community Approach - Uji city in the prefecture of Kyoto was declared a “Dementia Friendly City” in March 2015.


Greece - Building Counseling Services Network for Dementia within municipalities