Dementia Friendly Communities

The concept of “dementia friendly” is starting to capture the imagination of consumers, policy makers and researchers around the world. At one level the concept of dementia friendly is simple - to work for the common goal of a better life for people with dementia and their families. But it is much more than this. The framework of dementia friendly has the power to change the way we think about living with dementia.

On these pages, we set out the principles and the resources available to guide the development of dementia friendly communities and showcase examples of dementia friendly initiatives around the world.

“The importance of the concept of dementia friendly communities fits with the needs of our human rights and disability rights to be recognised. In the same way as any other person with a disability, we should be supported to remain independent in our communities for as long as possible.” - Kate Swaffer, Dementia Alliance International

The principles and a collection of initiatives are also available as reports in PDF format.